Using a strip tillage system is a cheaper and environmentally sound idea for farmers to grow fodder beet, maize, and swedes.

Strip tilling is a soil conservation, one pass and precision planting system.

Cultivation occurs to only 30% of the paddock, leaving 70% uncultivated. A custom set of rippers, pre rips 200mm to 400mm deep depending on customer preference. This is to get deep tap root growth and air rate the soil. It then goes through a power harrow tunnel with fertiliser being mixed into the strip and then planted by a precision planter.

Strip tilling reduces the number of cultivation passes to one, but also leaves a 250mm row in between the plant lines that hasn't been cultivated. Benefits of this are: reduced moisture loss, less weed germination occurring, improved microclimate for the plant establishment, reduced wind damage, and less pugging when feeding off.

The Falco Rotor Strip Tiller is 3 meters wide and has plant row spacing of 500mm.

Next year we are looking at putting on a pre-emerge sprayer on the planter.