We operate two late model direct drills, Bourgault Super Seeders, these drills can put fertiliser up to 250kg per hectare and have 3 bins for doing different seed types. <

These machine have the ability to follow the contour of the ground, which in turn enables a precise depth control across the paddock. This means that seed can be accurately placed at the correct depth all of the time to significantly increase your strike rate. This machine works well for undersowing and direct drilling applications.

Our drills will handle stoney ground, tall grass, low scrub and other types of rubbish. We will seed your paddock and you won't have to do any preparation.

We're efficient. And that saves you money. Our drills are six metres wide, so we cover ground quickly.

We've been operating these drills since early 2017. It is proven to handle Canterbury conditions, and we will go anywhere in the province for jobs.