Rut busting that leaves paddocks smooth

Our rut busting equipment fills pivot ruts 20 percent faster than the gear most other contractors have. That saves you money, right there!

What’s more, the rut busting machinery we bring onto your farm fills the pivot rut and seconds later rolls it. So while we’re doing the work you can know for sure you’re getting exactly the right amount of fill packed into the trench, along with ā€œVā€ blading included in the price. To guarantee a result that will last for many years we recommend heavy rolling as well. We use special 12t front-tipping trailers that compact as they fill the irrigator ruts. Of course, it can ride over most fences. Further, it’s kept in mid-Canterbury so we can quickly move it to a farm in any part of the province. We can even go to Marlborough to fill ruts and still be competitive.

We can source quality fill for you. Or we’ll work with your supply from your shingle pit. We have our own 14t wheel digger for loading and a truck with a tipulator (18t), if you’re outsourcing your fill material.

Our pivot rut busting; saving time, damage and preventing accidents.